Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh the people we see...

So despite the delay in my posting here, it's safe to say I'v still been busy been drawing. A lot. I'm rather happy with the work below, it's all a result of me really trying to explore character design through drawing every day folks out and about. 
About a month or two ago I decided I needed to establish some set time once a week and be drawing out in public. Though this idea is of coarse nothing ground breaking or new as so many amazing artists do this better then me and ALL of the time, I felt compelled to make a sort of 'event' out of it and extend an open invite to my many wonderful co-workers as well as any individual who artists interested in good company and an excuse to get out and draw on Tuesday nights.
So, if you ever think you might find yourself in the vicinity of Pasadena on a Tuesday night and have a hankering to sketch some people in good company, please by all means drop me a line. All are welcome!
As always, I thank ya for stopping by! All the best for the Holidays should I not post again til the new year! Be safe and love each other!




Kristal said...

These are all so great. The variety of shape and proportion is really fun, and I'd like to push that more in my own work. I try to do some cafe sketches when I can as well, and I would totally join you if I was in the area.

Do you have a set time that you like to take on each sketch? Do you start with an overall shape? Or just sort of wing it from their interesting faces?

Erik Caines said...

Thanks for the compliment! Offer always stands for you to join should ya be in town sometime.

Great question! Time-wise does vary I admit depending on how into a sketch I'm getting. I'd say the quick ones are around 2 minutes or less, but most are closer to ten minute sketches.

I do focus a lot on pulling an interesting shape first (or at least try) and then pull at 2 or 3 primary identifiers that really 'make' the person who they are (at least in my eyes) Hope that makes sense.

Thanks again for checking out the post. Stay in touch!

Joel Valdez said...

These are all really cool! I like the variety of shapes. Good stuff!

Erik Caines said...

Thanks Joel! Posting more very soon. Thanks for the kind words!