Friday, December 28, 2012

Batman Sketch Cards!!!

   So I'm finally allowed to share my second project with Cryptozoic, sketch cards for the upcoming Batman The Legend Trading Card sets. I ended up doing 70 total and you can check em all out below. 

  I must admit this was a dream gig. It really doesn't get any cooler then getting paid to draw Batman :)

  Hope you enjoy checking them out as much as I did drawing them! I'll have a few artists proofs available for sale soon as well. Email me if interested.




Viv said...

Awesome, Erik!

Erik Caines said...

Thanks Viv!

Angela Morales said...

as a little bit of a batman geek, THIS IS SO FREAKING COOL!!!! haha, so proud to know you, dude!

Erik Caines said...

Thank ya Angela! Very kind of you :)

Chris said...

Hi, Erik.

Great blog, following ya!

Erik Caines said...

Thanks Chris! Likewise!