Thursday, May 8, 2014


So this is the second of the two cards I did for Cryptozoic's trading card series. I have to say, to have done these both was pretty cool. I remember as a kid collecting the Marvel Masterpiece series as well as a Wolverine series of trading cards. The Wolverine series was my favorite. I think I still have those cards somewhere. The series comprised of roughly 100 cards, 6 of which were special chrome or foil plated ones. They had this shiny surface element to them, I believe the one specifically I had from the Wolverine series had Omega Red on it. Well, the good folks over at Cryptozoic sent me a handful of cards, personal copies of my 2 cards to keep, and low and behold, one of each were given the fancy shiny reflective treatment! Total geek out moment! I'm not sure I'll be fortunate enough to do a base card again, but I'll forever be stoked to have that moment of seeing my art in a shiny trading card. Inner ten year old me is grinning like a fool. Huge thanks to George and the gang at Cryptozoic!



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