Saturday, May 3, 2014

Humbled by Car Interiors (More Regular Show BG's)

   I had a lengthy little thought all about humility and hard work I was going to write up for this post, but upon talking through my idea with my wife today, I stumbled upon a better message I think I might share later this week.
  The gist behind my thoughts on humility and hard work and why these car interiors related is simply boiled down to this: These two layouts were probably the hardest two for me to grasp since pitching in duties working with the wonderful folks over at CN. I could go on and on about the process from the boards I worked from to the numerous revisions I received before finally getting things nailed down correctly. I learned a lot. In fact it's safe to say I learned more getting things wrong as apposed to the BGs I received minor revisions on. It's easy to let failure grow into something worse in your head.
  The best thing to do is just swallow it, work hard, learn, and grow.


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