Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Regular Show

 So probably the coolest bit of news I've yet to share til now is that for the past year I've been freelancing doing backgrounds for Regular Show over at Cartoon Network.
 The first episode I worked on, is titled "Laundry Woes". It aired this past September, which I believe kicked off the shows 5th season. These are a few of the backgrounds I did for that episode.
 It's been a really great opportunity for me, and I really enjoy the great folks on that show I get the privilege to work with.
 The next episode I worked on airs this Thanksgiving. In addition to contributing to that episode, there are a few others that air early 2014 (I believe).
Thanks as always for stopping by!




Jon Ventura said...

Dude! This is dope man!

Erik Caines said...

Thanks Jon! Much appreciated

Viv said...

Great work & great new design on your blog, Erik! :)

Erik Caines said...

Thanks Viv! We need to go drawing again soon!