Monday, July 1, 2013

City Night

As I mentioned in my last post, my wife and I recently visited the 'big apple' and I most definitely came home inspired.  I feel like this piece is the first of (hopefully) many in a new direction for my work. I loved working on it. I used three photos from our trip as reference/inspiration and kept the painting to pretty much one layer in PS. It was a nice revisit to how I learned to paint, which of coarse was traditional vs. the digital standard my work has managed to become.
I could blab on for quite some time about my thought process and what inspired and excited me along the way, but I'll spare ya's. I did want to share the grey-scale of the piece above to share the importance of value in painting. I'm not saying I'm anywhere close to amazing or great or what have you to doing this, but I am pleased with my results here. 

Thanks for stopping by! Til next time. Cheers!


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