Friday, August 17, 2012

From zero to plaid!!!

If you get that reference, then we are kindred spirits. Life's crazy busy right now (hence the zero to plaid(AKA really fast)), and I'm bummed b/c as much as I'm drawing and working on stuff, I can't share any of it! (for now at least) This first pic below is a tease that really shows off nothing more than some supplies and a stack of blurred out cards...
... if you recall the Walking Dead Cards I did just a short while ago, well the same company was generous enough to invite me back to participate on more card sets. The set I'm currently trying to knock out is a real treat. One of those career highlights really. These ones are due in Sept. so hopefully come early Oct. I'll be able to share them. In addition I will be contributing to a third set due later in the winter (also a way cool assignment) 
I'v also started taking quick shots of some of my sketches as well as the occasional this and that on instagram. My handle is ecaines if you'd like to follow. If you don't have a smart phone or just don't instagram you can follow along at the link under the pic above, or follow my Statagram page here
Most of these sketches come from drawing club. Link :  Which has been a very nice weekly gathering to be a part of, when time allows.
So for the time being I hope these few pics are a fair enough hold over. I'm also contributing to a way rad side project that already has a decent following and solid group of artists contributing (more on that soon)

Til next time!



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